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Why MARC records?

In June 2014, in association with a Canada-wide Working Group of cataloging librarians from a wide range of Canadian academic institutions, the team began cataloging platform content in line with international standards, to ensure the metadata’s easy transfer to library catalogues throughout Canada. We opted for AACR2 cataloging using MARC 21 encoding standards to reach the widest audience possible. (Many smaller Canadian libraries having yet to fully adopt the RDA cataloging standard launched in 2013.) 

All content is systematically catalogued and indexed with LCSH and RVM subject headings. Our MARC records cover the full catalogue and we offer a variety of simple options for downloading MARC records, based on user preferences.

How do I download MARC records for content?

The lists are updated every morning at 8 a.m. Eastern and are available as MRC files. We urge you to keep the following URLs on file for quick reference.

Full catalogue including channels:

Base catalogue:

MARC records for individual shows can also be viewed or downloaded via the Metadata section of each show page.

The following spreadsheets, which present the metadata differently, may also be useful to subscribers:

Full catalogue including channels:

Base catalogue:

News in Review catalogue

2015-2016 season:

2014-2015 season:

2013-2014 season:

2012-2013 season:

2011-2012 season:

2008-2010 seasons:

2005-2007 seasons:

2002-2004 seasons:

1999-2001 seasons:

1996-1999 seasons:

1993-1995 seasons:

1990-1992 seasons:

L’actualité en revue catalogue

2015-2016 season:

2014-2015 season:

2013-2014 season :

Earlier season archives:


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